GC Luxe Inspired Hand Painted Bag

GC Luxe Inspired Hand Painted Bag

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All bags are made in Miami by artist Anca Barbu with ultra durable and resistant leather paint. 

As each bag is custom made to order, there are no two bags alike and slight splashes and desgins may vary.

There are no molds or prints used in the making of the bags, each deaign is drawn by the artist free hand, so no two bags will ever be completely identical.

Each bag is custom made per order, so there are no refunds.

If there is any paint on the metal hardware, it can be easily removed with alcohol or acetone. Just dampen a cotton ball and run on the metal.

You can clean your bag with regular soap and water with a wash cloth.

The paint is very durable and should not come off or pearl, but as a general precaution try to avoid unnecessary scratching or rubbing.

Bags may have paint inside, but don't worry, it won't come off or stain.


About the artist:

Anca Barby us a native Romanian artist based in Miami. Anca gets her inspiration from the great masters like Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, and lately has been inspired by pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Keith Herring. She is influnced by top trends from high fashion brands which she likes to incorporate in her new bags. After each bag is finished, Anca uses her fashion skills to accesorize her handbags with silk scarves, matching straps. and accesories.